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Don’t put it down, put it AWAY!

Where is away? If it doesn’t have a home it is Clutter!

Another example of a way to think about this same concept is what I call “Toothbrush Storage”. Is your toothbrush ever considered clutter? No? Why? Because it has a specific home. You always put it right back where it goes, don’t you? This is not a very long discussion, but we will review several examples just to reiterate the point. Besides your toothbrush, think of something that always gets put right back where it came from. How about soap? Does soap end up being clutter? Nope. Why? It has a H O M E called a soap dish. Simple, easy and effective!

Now, how about shoes??? Ahhhhhhhh, now we might be stepping on a few toes, pardon the pun. What makes the difference between shoes being nice and organized in their “home” and being clutter?

Well, this is a simple matter of math. How many shoes do you have? How many shelves, racks or storage items do you have? COUNT THEM! that is the number of shoes you can have! If you can invent more “homes” for more shoes, then you get to have more but if not, you’re limited to the places you have to put them, pure and simple. Lest you cry and whine about your beautiful shoe collection you are having to get rid of, let’s explore some good shoe storage ideas. Let’s talk shelves. The slanted shoe shelves are cute, but they are also not as functional. Flat shelves allow you to get an extra pair of shoes on each shelf, so unless you have a huge closet, flat shelves are your best bet. Speaking of shoes and storage, do you know the trick of putting shoes toe to heel, then heel to toe? You can get another pair of shoes on each shelves using this trick. Then there’s the question of whether to box them or not. I prefer not and believe you can get more shoes in your closet without boxes. There are also over the door shoe pocket storage items, peg board baskets, etc. etc.

Bottom line, whatever feels like "clutter" in your home, needs a HOME. Find a place you can put those items and get creative about how to store it, so you can maximize the space. Without a H O M E, they become, what? Yep. Clutter. OK, these are some examples. Which ones can you think of?

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