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Function meet Fashion in Eat In Kitchen

Seems like we all hang out in the kitchen these days. Cooking, chatting, kids doing homework, we are all in the kitchen alot of the time. Why not transform your eat in kitchen to function well AND look amazing like I did in this airbnb kitchen! Here is how I did it.

First, figure out what is NOT working. In this kitchen the island was too narrow. No way to actually SIT AND eat or write or anything. There also was not much countertop space so an island at bar height would work much better! I did love how much storage was under the skinny Island so when looking for a replacement, I kept in mind finding one that also offered storage. I also knew I HATED the light in this room. Reminded me of an octopus! Anyway, decide if you need brighter lighting or you just want to change the look of the lights.

Measure. Yep, that again. People tell me I was born with a tape measure in my hand. LOL. Allow 36-42" from your countertop edge to the island so you have room to move around comfortably. If you're adding a rug, which I recommend, for noise control and aesthetics, allow 24" all the way around for people to pull chairs in and out comfortably.

Don't forget to measure windows and doors if you're adding curtains or valances. These were purchased on amazon!

Shop with confidence! I found this table in an antique mall! Because I had identified exactly what I needed including the size, I KNEW this was "IT" when I saw it! You will too if you follow the above steps.

I would LOVE to hear about your project! Email me at with questions and/or photos!

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