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How I packed for R+F convention in only 2 carry-on bags!

Friends could not believe I got ALL my outfits for Boots & Bling 3 day weekend event into 2 carryon suitcases! This is how I did it:

My Top tips for packing light:

  1. Decide on a 3 colors to wear

  2. Only take shoes you can wear at least twice UNLESS you have extra room AFTER you get everything else in

  3. Wear bulkiest items on plane it at all feasible with climates you are traveling to/from

  4. Like rock, pebble, sand demo pack bulkiest items first

  5. Utilize all space inside shoes, boots, evening bags for clothes and accessories!

  6. ROLL everything! I SWEAR rolls of clothing fit in suitcase better than folded

  7. If packing a cowgirl or other hat, flip upside down in middle of suitcase. Stuff head area with soft items then tuck rolled clothes in around brim

  8. Pack day use crossbody with wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, phone inside your second tote. Tote fits under seat in flight and your stuff is right there handy when you land!

  9. Plan a sweater cardigan in your color scheme and wear it on plane.

  10. Always take a scarf wrap. Can use on plane when chilly and it can double as evening wrap for night’s out! It rolls easily and fits inside head of hat or inside boots!

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