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How to Plan Your Outfits for a 3 day Convention Weekend

First of all let me throw out to y’all a few extra challenges I had this trip. I had my “colors” redone recently and absolutely cannot wear black! That said, I can wear navy but this event I was invited to TWO special events with “Cosmic Cowgirl” theme! NOT a navy them AT ALL…so what to do? I have a great pair of cowgirl boots in cream (my color) and fushia (not my color) bows…I got to thinking…wonder if I can plan everything I wear around those boots? Now, to further confuse the matter, I am also invited to an event at Tiffany’s! NOT cowgirl at all! So, I also added Tiffany’s turquoise/teal to my ensembles, thanks Goodness that’s my color! Then we have a whole morning of business meeting….golly, what a challenge!

I sure hope you don’t have so many stumbling blocks on your next trip but here’s how I figured it all out finally!

(To read about how I got ALL THIS into 2 carryon bags read my "How I packed for RF Convention in only 2 Carry-On Bags" blog by clicking here)

  1. Choose 3 colors. Helpful to choose an Inspiration Piece. For this trip I chose cream and fuschia bow cowgirl boots!

  2. Choose separates that CAN be worn with at least 3 other items. Exceptions: themed party items

  3. Try on all the outfits and make sure you feel AMAZING in them!


Cream ruffle sleeveless top

Cream sweater with organza pearl sleeves

Mint green top

Mango fluff cuff blouse

Teal travel blouse


Cream jeans

Cream leather shorts

Cream long silky skirt

Cream skinny pant

Teal travel pant


Sequin duster for stage walks

Cream fringe vest for cowgirl themed events

Long cream duster for plane

Gold scarf


Cream and fuchsia bow cowgirl boots

Cream GOOD WALKING tennies with pearls

Flip flops

Cream pearl heels

COWGIRL HAT with rhinestone band!


  1. Stage walking out fit: Gold sequin duster, cream leather shorts, cowgirl boots, cream sleeveless blouse

  2. Cosmic Cowgirl Party: cream jeans, boots, cream organza sleeve sweater, HAT!

  3. For business meeting: cream skinny pants, mango blouse, pearl good walking tennies

  4. Tiffany’s party: Tiffany teal top, cream silky long skirt, pearl heeled sandals and LOTS of pearls. I did get a Tiffany teal small cute handbag on amazon

  5. Travel days: Teal silky travel pants and blouse from ZARA. Who doesn’t LOVE Zara? Flip flops, a gold scarf and long sweater. (I always get cold on planes and in hotels, so this will go with everything!) Also, these pieces I can pair with any of my other bottoms for trip home!

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