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Organizing Seasonal Decor

We all want to have fun with holidays! Decorations, costumes, and crafts are all part of what we love about these special times but WHAT TO DO with all the STUFF??? Have no fear! Seasonal Organizing Top Tips are here!

  1. I recommend clear plastic bins from the Container Store. You can use different ones as long as they're clear. I like these best because even the lids are clear and not distracting with any colors, they always have plenty in stock so your stuff can have that pulled together look with all matching bins and there are a ton of sizes that all go to gether!

  2. Label, label, label. Then label some more! Yes, you can see through the bins. Yes, you know what's in them but trust me and label them anyway. You can use 3 x 5 notecards and packaging tape for a quick and inexpensive label. You can also get these at Container Store that are REUSABLE! Not only can you peel these off and use them on a different container, you can also use Sharpie marker on them, wipe it off and relable!

I do hang some costumes that are long and bulky in the back of a closet near these other items that are in the bins so all Halloween stuff is close together, Easter, etc.

Now you can enjoy the holidays SO much more, knowing you have a plan for all the clutter involved!

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