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Powder Bath Redo

Y’all know I love to redo any space and this bathroom was a TON of fun!

Powder Bathrooms are THE MOST fun for a lot of reasons. One is that they are usually fairly small, so you can just play around with wallpaper, colors, finishes, accessories and you only need space to store toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap! This powder bath was no exception! When we bought the house you can see the 1980’s harvest gold paint was still on the walls, the vanity was stained an 80’s shade of brown but it was also oak, so I thought on that one a bit, and the gold sink was a bit dated. The teeny mirror obviously had to go to a smaller spot.

I loved the Spanish tile floor and decided to keep it! I love wallpaper and thankfully, it has made a come back, so off I went to look at wallpaper books. I fell in love with the paper you see below, and I KNEW it was right for this space. What I didn’t think about was what the wallpaper hanger asked me, “Do you want this on the ceiling too?” Hmmmmmm.... YES! And you know what? It feels like birds and butterflies are flying around when you walk in! My momma would have LOVED it!

I wanted to keep the cabinet for storage but knew it needed an update. The teal blue paint just screamed, “YES” once I ordered about 10 samples and played around with them IN the space. Pro Tip: Order paint sample sheets that are 8 1/2 x 11 from paint company or make your own, but use this size! Changing the gold sink out with a beautiful new white one made SUCH a clean, crisp update! The faucet stayed the same and just blends right in, while the mirror that used to be bright gold, got a paint refresh with, guess what?? My fingers! Yep. I just dipped my finger in the paint and rubbed it onto the mirror myself. It just seemed to work well with all the nooks and crannies in the design. While we’re talking mirrors, in my opinion, in powder rooms bigger is definitely better!

I love how this space turned out and to be honest it didn't take a WHOLE lot of extra work or a renovation team. Just me, some paint, the plumber to install a new bowl, and of course someone to hang the wallpaper because I don't dare do that one on my own.

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