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Virtual Living Room Redo!

Have you ever just felt something wasn't right in a room but you just couldn't put your finger on WHAT was off??? I recently had the honor or working virtually with a young mom to figure this exact issue with her Living Room! Here is the room BEFORE we started

The room is large, which is great, but it also has FOUR entryways and pathways through it. This is always a decorating challenge! Here are my Top Function+Fashion Tips for this room:

  1. Measure the room!

  2. Identify main issues. In this case the chair in the corner beside the fireplace feels lost and out of place.

  3. Identify color existing color scheme and ways to pull that together in the space.

Using those tips look what she was able to do to make that corner of her Living Room work better AND look cozier! Even their dog is loving it!

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