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Weekend Travel Packing Tips

It's a part of the circle of life that we don't always want to talk about and therefore packing for a trip to attend a funeral or celebration of life can have added challenges. The emotions of the occasion added to the already felt frustration of "what the heck to wear" can really derail packing to go. So when a dear family friend passed recently I found myself in just this situation. However, my top packing tips definitely saved the day and trip!

My challenge, and likely you have similar challenges, is to plan outfits for the weekend that are both stylish and work with the Louisiana climate, which is somewhat different than November in Tennessee AND to fit said outfits into a reasonable number of suitcases because even though my hubby will take them into hotel for me, extra suitcases are just added burdens to our already burdened hearts! Also keep in mind that sometimes you need to go directly to the visitation upon arrival with no time to change, so plan for that as well!

So, here are my Top Tips to peaceful packing for a funeral.

  1. Choose an Inspiration Piece!

  2. Choose 3 colors based on your Inspiration piece!

  3. Make a list of all activities

  4. Decide on style for each activity. Are activities mainly casual or are some dressy?

  5. Style outfits

  6. Take photos of each outfit and add to an album on your phone and/or write them down next to each activity. PACK that list in your suitcase for quick, easy reference

  7. If space allows throw in an extra white or cream top and a pair of jeans.

  8. ROLL everything! I SWEAR it saves tons of space!

For this weekend I chose cream, turquoise and denim. My Inspiration Piece is a navy, green and teal designed scarf. So here is my tentative packing list:

hunter green coat

navy dress for funeral

green dress for dinner out

navy slacks

gray jeans

turquoise, navy and gray sweaters

navy, green, teal print scarf

navy flat boots for cemetary service

gold ballet flats for dinner out

gray booties

Get the idea? You're welecome! :-)

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