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From Gray to GREAT!

Gray has been "the trend" for quite a while now and while it was really never my personal favorite, I bought this airbnb furnished and it worked just fine, so my motto has been "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" for. about four years now! BUT, not ever having fully bought into this trend, and being kind of a rule breaker to start with, I decided 2024 was the time to update this bedroom!

My MAIN Motto, as most of you know, is FUNction AND Fashion, which means a space has to function well and be FUN! Here are my Tips that I used for this room:

  1. I tried moving the furniture around but decided the current layout was the best due to several factors but the main one being that the wall I tried moving the tv onto was concrete behind the sheetrock so it would be just really hard to hang there and

  2. There was actually more "walk around" room leaving the furniture essentially right where it was but just moved the bed about 6-8" to the left to allow a larger nightstand in the corner AND a person more room to walk on that side of the bed.

  3. There is a street light outside the house that provides light from the carport to the front door, so we want it there but the light shines in the bedroom windows at night, so we needed blackout curtains on the windows. I just so happened to have inherited my mother's draperies that had a black velvet background and greens and rusts in the pattern. They were too long, so once I measured and knew they would be perfect for this room, I simply hemmed them to fit the space.

  4. While I originally wanted to put wallpaper in this room, the price of wallpaper, installation and brand new blackout curtains and curtain hardware put the project way over budget. The light issue in #3 above also helped me rule out wallpaper in this room in favor of these amazing black velvet curtains! (If you didn't inherit great curtains, try shopping consignment stores and estate sales!)

  5. I shopped for drapery hardware and finally settled on French return rods from Pottery Barn. The money I saved from not doing wallpaper more than paid for these nice rods, rings and installation!

  6. The walls in this room had been boring white/gray and I was determined to paint it and the bathroom a color that was "not green, not gray and not blue". After ordering lots of 8 1/2 x 11 samples from Sherwin Williams, that color turned out to be Ancient Marble and I am literally OBSESSED with it! Again, opting against the wallpaper, using the curtains I already had sitting around, just needing to be hemmed, saved me money to hire the painters!

  7. For bedding, I kept the bedskirt and ordered cream coverlet and shams from amazon. Definitely recommend washing these before dressing the bed. I got new sleeping pillows from Target for $10 each and the olive green throw blanket. Finally I topped it off with the bird's nest antique needlepoint pillow that I discovered at local antique mall!

  8. The nightstands and dressers are all antiques. One I got from an estate sale and two from local antique mall and spent about $350 on all three! I like getting antiques when they fit the "vibe" for two reasons: They are SOLIDLY made and less expensive than some of the trendier pieces.

  9. Already had the adorable oval birds nest prints in another room and when I found the antique pillow, just KNEW these would be perfect over the bed!

  10. Last but not least this room needed a NAME! For this I simply sat and thought about what I had put into the space. My mother loved antiques. Using her curtains and several antique pieces, and knowing her middle name was Ann, I decided to name this room "The Antique Room".

What do you think?

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