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Updating 80's Guest House Open Concept Living, Dining and Kitchen Space

Updating a space can be fun and challenging! This project was definitely both and hopefully our experience can help you with your next update!

For this open concept living, dining kitchen space there are several changes that have added up to make a BIG difference. The concept of "getting the most BANG for your BUCK" is what I kept reminding myself of throughout this entire project! As you can see in the photos we did several things to lighten and brighten this space and really open it up to feel much more spacious.

  1. Rerrange furniture. Moving the sofa OUT of the middle of the room REALLY opened up the entire space. When I took a cue from restaurants that have their tv's up high and MEASURED our TV and the space above the kitchen cabinets, I realized I could mount our tv up above the cabinets that REALLY seemed modern and updated AND saved a boat load of space to boot! ( If you want to read more about measuring click here).

  2. Update lighting. Hiring an electrician is pricey but adding four can lights to this space is probably the BEST money spent. It went from dim to BRIGHT at the flip of a switch!

  3. Paint is a project's best friend. Sherwin Williams Aged White matched the new sofa fabric I found and since the kitchen cabinets and sofa would be on each end of the room I knew painting the cabinets this color would balance the space and tie it all together.

  4. Buy new or recover existing furniture. If you have a solid sofa and know a great upholsterer, recover what you have. I chose to do this because this sofa is from Ethan Allen, purchased in the 90's and is a queen sleeper sofa. This will be it's third recovering and it's probably my favorite. An oatmeal colored, soft krypton performance fabric caught my eye at the fabric store and was a great price. Has me smiling every time I look at it!

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