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Rooms with Multiple Functions

Creating multiple functional spaces in one room can be tricky but with these tips you can pull it off beautifully like I did in this room!

Top Tips for Creating Multi Function Rooms:

  1. FUNCTION. What all needs to be done in here?

  2. TOOLS? What items do you need to DO those tasks?

  3. STORAGE. What will you store those tools in?

For this Multi purpose bedroom/laundry closet in our airbnb we needed a bed, comfy bedding, somewhere for people to put their suitcases, hang clothes and bedside reading tables and lamps. We also had a Washer and dryer in this space with all the not so lovely detergent and cleaning supplies. The previous owner left us this dining buffet and all the plumbing pipes installed to function as more of a walk in closet.

I redesigned the room to have a definite Laundry area and Bedroom area reusing the plumbing pipe to hand a curtain as a divider! While my husband moved that around, I purchased two shower curtains and rings from Target to serve as the "wall and door" that separated the two areas.We also took the buffet to use in our personal dining room and moved the black cubby cubes to the laundry area to hold cleaning supplies.

Voila! And guests rave about this cool room now!

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